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Feature Items

  • Trek 2.1 C - 2012
    $1,429.99 - $1,499.00
    Product Rating
    4.0 stars
     (3 Reviews)

    Trek's 2.1 C boasts Trek's lightweight 200 Series aluminum frame along with a road-carving, vibration-damping Bontrager carbon fork for a ride as efficient and fast as… [more]

  • Trek Ion CX (Gary Fisher Collection) - 2013
    Product Rating
    4.0 stars
     (1 Review)

    Trek designer Gary Fisher knows a lot about cross bikes. He's raced them, ridden them for years, even reviewed them for cycling publications. With that knowledge he… [more]

  • Bontrager Race Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey

    Bontrager makes the Race Thermal Long Sleeve Jersey for riders who brave even the harshest weather. It's made of Thermal brushed back knit fabric that dries quickly and… [more]

  • Trek X-Caliber (Gary Fisher Collection) - 2012
    Product Rating
    4.5 stars
     (50 Reviews)

    Trek's X-Caliber lets you rule the trails with its light, stiff, Trek Gold Series aluminum frame with Gary Fisher G2 Geometry that offers excellent climbing, descending… [more]

  • Bontrager Ion 2 Headlight/Flare 3 Taillight Set
    Product Rating
    4.5 stars
     (5 Reviews)

    Bontrager keeps you safe out there with the Ion 2 Headlight/Flare 3 Taillight Set. The Ion 2 uses a super-bright, 1-watt LED that's visible from 2,000 feet and gives you… [more]

  • Bontrager B2 Long Sleeve Baselayer

    Bontrager's B2 Long Sleeve Baselayer is a lightweight undershirt for cool conditions. The thermal knit material dries quickly, breathes well and facilitates moisture… [more]

  • Trek Mystic 16 - 2014
    Product Rating
    4.5 stars
     (17 Reviews)

    Trek's Mystic 16 offers fun style your little one will love with durability you'll appreciate! The bright colors, accessories and smart graphics are sure to catch her… [more]


Create your dream bike with Trek's Project One!

Don’t settle for anyone else’s bike. Create your very own with Project One, Trek’s custom bike program. Customize, personalize, sensationalize, the choice is yours. Just select the model, fit, styling, and components you desire, and we’ll build your dream bike. The bicycle you've dreamed of is just a few clicks away. You can select everything from stunning paint jobs to your preferred wheels and components, to your cable housing color! Start to build your dream machine today by clicking Here



Norfolk is changing the way all users of the road relate to one another...

 So no matter how you roll - slow your roll, know your role and share the road!

Slow Your Roll
Slow down and share the road!

  • Bicyclists have the same rights to the road as motorists.
  • Approach and pass a bicyclist at a reasonable speed.
  • Pass a bicyclist with at least two feet to the left of the bicyclist.  It’s the law!
  • Bicyclists may pass another vehicle on the right or left, and they may stay in the same lane, change lanes, or ride off the road if necessary for safe passing.
  • Learn the proper bicycling arm signals.
  • Look out your side mirror to make sure it is clear before opening the car door.



Know Your Role
Know the rules and be a safe cyclist.

  • Bicyclists are subject to the same traffic regulations as motorists, including yielding the right-of-way when required and obeying all traffic signals and signs.
  • Learn the proper arm signals - bicyclists must signal their intention to stop or turn.
  • Ride only with the flow of traffic on the right side of the road or highway.
  • Ride as close as safely possible to the right curb or edge of the road.
  • Bicyclists may not ride more than two abreast and cannot impede the movement of traffic.
  • Always wear your helmet!

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